Spring Boot 1.0.0.RC5 Released!!


This week Spring IO team has announced that they have released the final released candidate for the Spring Boot 1.0.0 road map. So, the next version will be the final release of the project. Spring Boot project is intended to use the auto configuration of your spring applications instead of developers manually configure the environmental […]

Difference Between @Resource, @Autowired and @Inject in Spring Injection


It is very common confusion among the spring developers that what is the real difference between these three (@Resource, @Autowired and @Inject) annotations used for injecting the objects. I have come across this question from our readers so dedicated this post for explaining the main difference between these three annotations. Infact, these three work very […]

Introduction to Spring Boot


Spring is the most popular and innovative community for the Java developers. They have changed the way how to build the enterprise applications and how to manage them. In the recent announcement, they come up with another surprising project which is called as “Spring Boot“. They are claiming to be get rid of all the […]

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