Struts 2 + Spring Integration Example


Struts 2 provides plug-ins for integration to any other frameworks. If you are using Spring for your bean management, then it is very easy for you to integrate Spring container to Struts 2 application. Spring can manage the beans and struts actions classes as beans. You have to just specify the bean name in the […]

Primefaces + Spring + Hibernate Integration Example

PrimeFaces + Spring + Hibernate Integration 1

This tutorial is continuation to my first tutorial on primefaces. i.e, PrimeFaces Hello world example. Before digging more about Primefaces components and its features, let’s have a good project template solution for doing all the CRUD operations by integrating Primefaces with Spring and Hibernate framework’s. This combination is recommended because SpringSource suggests PrimeFaces to be used […]

Spring and Jersey Integration Example


This tutorial explains how to write a simple example using Spring and Jersey. This example uses Jersey for the REST implementation, Spring is used for managing the beans. In my previous tutorial, I have explained how to write a simple REST application using Jersey. We also can use Spring alone for implementing the RESTful web […]

Using Channels in Spring Integration


This article is based on SpringIntegration in Action, to be published August-2011. It is being reproduced here by permission from Manning Publications. Manning publishes MEAP (Manning Early Access Program,) eBooks and pBooks. MEAPs are sold exclusively through All pBook purchases include free PDF, mobi and epub. When mobile formats become available all customers will […]

Spring Persistence with Hibernate


Spring Persistence with HibernateThis article is sample chapter taken from the book Spring persistence with Hibernate. Hibernate is a popular open-source Java framework. It aims to solve problems associated with persistence in the Java world. Whether you are developing a simple stand-alone application, or a full-blown, server-side Java EE application, you can use and benefit from Hibernate. Although […]

Integrating Spring with JMS


Java Messaging Service opened the door for modeling the asynchronous mode of communication. It provides a common way of sending and receiving messages by having a middle man, also called as Message Broker or Message oriented Middleware. Now with the capability of an asynchronous framework like JMS being integrated with Spring, it can take all […]

Email Integration in Spring Framework


1)Introduction The Spring Framework provides a supportive utility library for sending email that shields the user from the essentials of the core mailing system and is dependable for low level resource handling on behalf of the customer. Spring Framework uses the following package as a root level package for the email support: org.springframework.mail MailSender is […]

Struts 2.0 and Spring


In this post, I will describe how to do the same using Struts 2.0. The only major step that needs to be done here is to override the default Struts 2.0 OjbectFactory. Changing the ObjectFactory to Spring give control to Spring framework to instantiate action instances etc. Most of the code is from the previous […]

Spring and Groovy Integration


1) Introduction Spring makes it easier to provide integration support for scripting languages. The currently supported scripting languages are Groovy, JRuby and BeanShell. However, this article concentrates only on Spring’s support for the Groovy language. Plenty of code samples are given in each section for much clarity. The article assumes that the reader is comfortable […]

JMX support in Spring Framework


This article would focus on how Spring provides support for integration with JMX. JMX stands for Java Management Extensions and it is an API from Sun which can be used to manage as well as monitor any kind of Java resource. This article doesn’t aim to provide an in-depth coverage in JMX, however it provides […]

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