Spring Framework 4.1 Announced


Within one month after the major release of Spring 4, this week Spring IO team has announced their plan for their next release on Spring Framework 4.1. This new version would be available to the public by August 2014. It is expected that Release Candidate1 (RC1) will be made available from Jun 2014.As their blog […]

Spring Security 3.2 Released


Spring IO team has announced the Spring Security 3.2 release. There are couple of notable changes in this release are Java Configuration support, Improving security on CSRF attacks and click jacking and Servlet 3+ API support. As the list grows, there are plenty of minor API changes listed in their change notes. There are more […]

Spring Framework 4.0 Release and Features


It is finally here!!. On 12-December-2013, Spring IO has officially announced that Spring Framework 4.0 GA is available for the production use. Why there is lot of things to talk about Spring 4.0?. It is the major release after Spring 3.0 which has been released on 2009. Also Spring team has transformed to Spring IO […]

Spring Framework 4.0 RC1 Released


Spring Framework 4.0 Release Candidate 1 is released by Spring IO this week. Earlier they have announced that Spring 4.0 is due to the release in October 2014. However, in the latest blog post they have indicated that it will be available by December 2014. The last addition of new features with this release candidate […]