Spring Web Flow 2.4 RC1 Released


Last week Spring IO team has announced the first release candidate for Spring Web Flow 2.4. The release includes Java based configuration for Spring Web Flow and Spring Faces. Prior to this release, Spring Web Flow doesn’t support the Java based configurations. Here is the list of features included in this version. If you want to […]

Integrating Spring Web Flow with JSF


Spring Web Flow is a framework that provides abilities to developers to capture the workflow of a web application in the form of configurational constructs called Flows. JSF is a UI framework that provides support for developing complex user interface components along with simplified page navigation rules and event handling. In this article we will […]

What is Spring Web Flow (SWF)?


Spring Web Flow is a framework developed on top on Spring Web MVC that aims in capturing the flow of an application so that it is possible for the application developers to design web application based on use-cases in the form of flows. Organization of multiple flow can be easily managed through the definition of […]