Java ME and Web services


Introduction Java Micro Edition (Java ME) is a platform for running applications on smaller devices such as mobile phones, PDAs etc. These devices have restrictions in terms of Memory and Processing power. Java ME defines various configurations and profiles. Midlets are java applications that operate on Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) which is targeted on […]

Invoking SOAP and RESTful Web Services using Flex 4.0


Introduction Flex 4.0 framework facilitates to interact with various kinds of RPC services. Flex Applications can invoke traditional Web Services or Restful web services that returns XML, JSON etc. MXML’s RPC components provides access to SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) based web services and Restful web services using HTTP Services. Flex supports requests and responses […]

EJB Webservices in JBoss application server sample code


also read: Java EE Tutorials EJB Interview Questions EJB 3 Web Services Annotation and Dependency Injection in EJB 3 Query API in EJB 3 deploy above two classes by archieving in a jar and copy it to deploy folder of jboss then run ur jboss server with url http://localhost:8080/jbossws there u will get all ur […]

Accessing Web Services from JSF applications


1) Introduction In this technical article, let us see how it is possible to access Web Services from JSF Applications. JSF Application resides in the Web Tier of a typical Enterprise Application, whereas Web Services are External Services that reside in the Application Tier. We make use of Java EE 5 for developing the Sample […]