Top 10 JavaScript Tips for your site


A good looking site is always more preferable than a bland looking site with a boring layout. To jazz up any site, a developer uses JavaScript. It is a popular programming language that used in creating a website with interactive content & elements. The script is browser based and runs independently from page to page. Integrating java codes into a site is easy to create stunning looking websites. Here, you can find 10 scripts that are highly recommended for any website developer or designers.

1. No-Right Click Java Script

Right clicking is second nature to most web users. To avoid them from right clicking on your site, this javascript code can be used. It is mostly to avoid duplication of the information that is used on the site. Those who view the site, due to this code won’t be able to carry out even the normal functions like ‘copy & paste’, thus avoiding any possible data theft.

2. Counters

Google analytics is the best source to keep a track of visitors visiting the site. But, every time one wants to view the stats for their sites, they are required to log into their account, which is quite tedious. To make it easier in viewing the number of visitors a site can be installed with a ‘counter’ javascript. Having this javascript installed can enable the site to display the count for visitors frequenting the website. It is mostly useful for making constructive changes to render the site more traffic friendly.

3. World Time

Internet isn’t restricted to any particular time zone and that any website is accessible from anywhere in the world, it’s a good idea to have a world time clock displayed on the site. It is mostly to aid the visitors, and does little to attract traffic. This javascript is purely a visual element.

4. Animations

Those websites with fun animations are really great to look. Some sites are solely capable of attracting traffic on the basis of their use of interesting visual elements. So with the use of javascript to create fun & interesting apps or graphic for the site will surely boost the number of visitors on the site. What kind of animation to be used, solely depends on the developer and his preference.

5. Image Shuffle

Site that has lots and lots of images, it can get pretty confusing for the user to go through each them, and find the appropriate one. Using a script to constantly display a shuffling image is much better than the traditional thumbnail view and facilitates the use to use the site in much better way. The shuffling images also add an interesting effect to the entire layout of the site. This javascript is useful and also is very much helpful in increasing the ‘visually appealing’ quotient of a site.

6. Special Navigation

There is nothing more appealing on a site than a dedicated and easy to use navigation list or button. These are mostly drop down list, which contains categories or dates that can be used for browsing the content of the website. It is easy to install using javascript coding, and certain elements can be tweaked to render the navigation button/menu with some extra useful capabilities.

7. Colorful Scroll Bars

Making changes to color is one of the most common used in java scripting. It is done to add a personal touch to the entire layout using the color of choice. On most sites the scroll bar is usually grey. But, it can be changed to whatever color the user wishes to have, using java script. It adds a certain visual touch that makes the site appear attractive.


Adding a site to your bookmark list is not a new thing. To extent the capabilities, one can integrate a better bookmarking tool, which can be used by the users who view the site. It will help them remember the page, without doing much search for the site the next time they want to visit the site.

9. Music Players

Create a versatile music player with the use of java script coding, and integrate it into the site so that people who like to listen to music, while browsing can find it useful. Any media player is interesting to look at and adding a media player to the site will jazz up the attractive factor that much more.

10. Password Protection

Password protecting a page isn’t recommended for most. But, for those few who do want to make their pages visible to only few, they can password protect it using a java code. With such pages, a user visiting the site won’t be able to view it, unless the person retains a proper password. Password protecting a page is huge turn off and should be used only when absolutely sure.

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