How to write AndroidManifest.xml?


AndroidManifest.xml is the central configuration file for the android Application. Android Manifest presents essential information about the application to the Android system.There will be only one manifest file per application and it is the required file for any android application placed in its root directory. In my previous articles I have explained about setting up […]

How to write a simple Android application?


In my previous article I have explained about how to set up the android environment. This article shows you how you can create a simple Android Application using eclipse. This example assumes that you have already set up the android environment and ready for the development. If you have any questions, please post it in […]

Layouts in Android


Android Layout acts as a container of UI elements. It decides how the different UI elements are arranged and rendered to the user. This article explores the various types of layouts available in the Android development with examples. If you have issues on Android programming, please post it in the comments section. Declaring Layouts Layouts […]

How to set up android development environment?


This tutorial describes how you can set up a development environment for building Android applications in Eclipse IDE. In my future articles, I will be writing about the various programming techniques and features available in the Android development. Android is the leading Operating System in the smartphone market. This makes android is the most popular […]

Location tracker in Android using GPS positioning and SQLite


Introduction Android is an Open source software stack which has gained market in leaps and bounce. This includes operating system, middleware and key applications. The advantage android brings along with it is the ease of application development. Android application can be developed at a brisk rate with lesser learning curve using the tools and API […]

Android’s JSON parser

This article is based on Android in Practice, to be published on Summer 2011. It is being reproduced here by permission from Manning Publications. Manning publishes MEAP (Manning Early Access Program,) ebooks and pbooks. MEAPs are sold exclusively through All print book purchases include an ebook free of charge. When mobile formats become available […]

Creating Services in Android


Introduction Services in Android are components which run in the background. They do not have any user interface. One application can start a service and the service can run in the background even if this application is switched with a new application by the user. There are two types of services namely Unbound Service and […]

New Features in Google Android 2.3


Android is the first open source software stack for mobile/handheld devices. Android predominantly provides support for building rich & flexible mobile apps. Android platform includes a compatible Linux kernel based OS, rich UI, applications, support libraries, application frameworks, support for multimedia, and more. The underlying OS components are written in C/C++ and user applications are […]