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HTML5 Meter Tag

The <meter> tag is used to represent the scalar value within the given range. It is used to measure the maximum and …


HTML5 Main Tag

HTML5 has added the new structural element <main> added to its specification last year. The purpose of this element is to indicate …


HTML5 Embed Tag

The Html <embed> element is used to embedding an external application or interactive content to the web page. This is a standard …


HTML5 DataList Tag

The <datalist> tag is used to provide a list of elements to the user to select from this particular list. Text Box …


HTML5 Nav Tag

One of the new element used in the HTML5 is <nav>. The <nav> element in HTML5 is used to define the set …


HTML5 Footer Tag

The <footer> element is used to define the footer in the HTML document of section. It is defined at the bottom of …


HTML5 Header Tag

The <header> element is used to display the headers in html page. There are various heading element such as <hgroup> , < …


HTML5 Mark Tag

The <mark> element in HTML5 is used to highlight the specified text. The tag used to defines the marked text which is …


HTML5 – Aside Tag

Aside element is used to specify the text surrounded by its familiar content. This element represents the content that is related or …

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