HTML5 – Drag and Drop Events


HTML5 Drag and Drop is used to move a image or text to another part of the screen using mouse device. In other words we can say, user selects object by grabbing it and dragging it to a different location. It makes easy to copy and deletion of items using mouse clicks. This allows moving […]

HTML5 – Video and Audio Tags


HTML5 Video HTML5 <video> element is used to add media to the web pages. Before HTML5 there were no standard tags for showing video/movies on the web pages. Before HTML5 video files were supported only by plug-ins like flash player which is used to play video on the web pages. HTML5 provides <video> tag which describes […]

HTML5 – Figure Tag


The <figure> tag usually represents the independent content such as images, diagrams, code content and more. The position of <figure> element is independent of the main page flow, though it being part of the web page. The <figure> tag is supported by almost all latest browsers used today such as Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox, […]

HTML5 Events


Event is an object that describes a state change in a source or is an action or occurrence detected by the program. It can be generated by anyone interacting with the elements in a GUI. Some of the activities that cause events such as clicking button, entering character from the keyboard and many more. This […]

HTML5 Doctype


The <! DOCTYPE HTML> Declaration The <! DOCTYPE HTML> declaration is an important thing in HTML document before declaring <html> tag. The DOCTYPE is an instruction that associates particular SGML or XML document with document type definition. HTML 4.01 DOCTYPE In HTML 4, <! DOCTYPE HTML> refers to DTD because it is based on SGML. […]

Viewport Meta Tag For Responsive Design


Responsive design is gaining more importance thanks to the fastest growth in interest usage using mobile phones and tablets. The web design has to adopt the different layouts looking at the user agent details like browser, desktop or mobile device, etc. It is not very easy to provide such a uniform user interface across all […]

5 New Features in HTML5


This tutorial explains the 5 new features introduced in the HTML5. The features are new doctype, importing scripts and resources, image element tag, canvas element and the offline or local storage in the browser. There are many other great features in the HTML5, here I just give the overview of these 5 new features. 1. […]

Less Known Tags of HTML5


In this article I shall discuss about some of the HTML5 tags which are unused by most users of HTML.  We will see the syntax of these, how to use them and some examples of how to use them. Many web developers deal hundreds of line of HTML code daily. The language developed to deal with the […]

Deprecated Tags and Attributes in HTML


In this tutorials I’ll give an explanation about the deprecated tags and attributes with new versions of HTML. We will understand why and what to use in exchange of these tags and attributes. As is known to many, HTML 5 was released some time ago.  Along came the uproar about the new features, functionality and features which […]

HTML5 Validator – Validating Forms With HTML5


In this article we will see how to perform form validation with JavaScript and with html5. In this article I’ll will talk about a new feature of HTML5 which is very useful in creating validations of forms, that is the HTML5 Validator. Since long time the validation of a form field is one thing that has been […]