EJB Interview Questions


This article presents comprehensive guide for the EJB Interview Questions. The questions presented in this article are mos frequently asked in the Java interviews. If we have missed any of the important questions or there is mistake in the questions, please write it in the comments section. We are happy to improve this article based […]

Design Patterns Interview Questions

1) What is a software design pattern? A design pattern is a solution to a general software problem within a particular context. Context : A recurring set of situations where the pattern applies. Problem : A system of forces (goals and constraints) that occur repeatedly in this context. Solution : A description of communicating objects […]

JSF Interview Questions

JSF Flow

1) What is JSF? JSF stands for Java Server Faces. JSF has set of pre-assembled User Interface (UI). By this it means complex components are pre-coded and can be used with ease. It is event-driven programming model. By that it means that JSF has all necessary code for event handling and component organization. Application programmers […]

Hibernate Interview Questions


1) What is Hibernate? Hibernate is a powerful, high performance object/relational persistence and query service. This lets the users to develop persistent classes following object-oriented principles such as association, inheritance, polymorphism, composition, and collections. Hibernate eliminates developers to spend more time on writing the native SQL queries and understand the complete underlying database persistence mechanism. […]

Spring Framework Interview Questions


This article has 50 spring interview questions based on the most frequently asked in the spring framework interviews. We will be adding the more number of questions from readers request. If you are looking for any specific questions and doubts, please post your queries in the comments section of this article. We will update the […]