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Java EE 8 Survey and Features

Oracle calls the enterprise community for a third and final survey on Java EE 8.  The closing date for the survey will be March 24, …


JPA – Lazy Loading and Eager Loading

Eclipselink 2.1 is a persistence provider runtime of the Java Persistence API 2.1 specification. JPA  specification defines two major strategies of loading …


JPA Entity Listeners And Callback Methods

Before JPA 2.1 the concept of Entity Listeners (Injectable EntityListeners) wasn’t defined until JPA 2.1 released. The entity listener concept allows the programmer …


JSTL Function fn:replace()

<fn:replace()> is a string function. The function replace is used to replace the entered string with specified string. The <fn:replace()> function replaces …


JSTL Function fn:trim()

Function <fn: trim ()> is used to remove leading and trailing white spaces, tabs from the start and end of the string. …

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