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JSTL Function fn:indexOf()

The <fn:indexOf()> is a string function of JSTL. This function returns the index within a string of a specified substring. This function …


JSTL Function fn:escapeXml()

The <fn:escapeXml()> function is used to escape characters that could be interpreted as XML markup. This is a string function of JSTL. …


JSTL Function fn:endsWith()

The <fn:endsWith()> function is used for checking the suffix of a string. This function manipulates the string that ends with specific character …


JSTL Function fn:containsIgnoreCase()

The <fn:containsIgnoreCase()> function is a string function of JSTL. This function is used to check whether the entered string contains the specified …


JSTL Function fn:contains()

The fn: contains() is a string function of JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL). It is used to specify whether the string contains …


JSTL XML x:param Tag

The tag is subtag of <x:transform> tag. This tag is used with transform tag to set a parameter in the XSLT stylesheet. …


JSTL XML x:transform Tag

The <x:transform> tag is used to transform an xml data based on XSLT script. This tag used to apply an XSL transformation …

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