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Java 8 – Functional Interfaces

What are Functional Interfaces? Functional interfaces are those interfaces that has single abstract method. According to Java 8 Specification, interface can be known as functional interface …


TreeMap Class Example

The TreeMap class creates maps stored in a tree structure. It stores the key/ value pairs in a sorted order efficiently. The …


Java Currency Class Example

The currency class presents a currency method. The currency codes ISO 4217(International Organisation for standardization) is been identified for currency. This class …


Java Date Class Example

The class Date is nothing but the representation of the specific instant in Time. It is given in the millisecond precision. For …


Java Arrays Example

An Array is a data structure which represents a group of elements of same data type. It can store a group of …


Java Stack Class Example

Stack is the subclass of Vector which is dynamic in nature and its size goes on increasing as the elements are added …


Java SimpleTimeZone Class Example

SimpleTimeZone is a subclass of TimeZone which is defined as standard time followed within a geographical area for the use with the …

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