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Strategy Design Pattern In Java

Strategy design pattern falls under the category of Behavioural patterns. Assume that we have an object and its behavior is largely dependent …


HashCode and equals methods

HashTable, HashMap and HashSet are the Collection classes in java.util package that make use of hashing algorithm to store objects. In all …


Generics in Java 5.0

1) Introduction The feature of Generics in Java allows Applications to create classes and objects that can operate on any defined types. …


New Features in Java 5.0

1) Introduction Java 5.0 comes with a bunch of useful features. In this article, we are going to have an overview of …


AutoBoxing in Java 5.0

1)Introduction In the latest version of J2SE 5.0 released by Sun, Autoboxing is one of the new feature. Before J2SE 5.0, working …


Annotations in Java 5.0

1) Introduction Annotations in Java is all about adding meta-data facility to the Java Elements. Like Classes, Interfaces or Enums, Annotations define …

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