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JavaScript String Object

The string object is used to represent a sequence of character. The string value should be written in quote then only it …


JavaScript Switch Statement

The switch statement is same as of if/else statement, instead using multiple if/ else statement we are using switch statement. The switch …


JavaScript document.createElement()

Document.createElement()  is used for creating element node. In HTML document, it creates specified HTML element .In other words it creates an instance of …


Javascript Document Object

A document object represents the HTML document that is displayed in the window. Document is parent object of objects such as images, …


JavaScript Navigator Object

The Navigator object specifies information about client’s browser window such as version, mime type and plug-ins. The window.navigator is read only property …


JavaScript Location Object

This object is used to get information about current URL of the browser and automatically navigates the user to another page. This …


JavaScript Screen Object

The screen object specifies information about dimensions of the user’s screen and display settings. It is special object for inspecting properties of …

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