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Primefaces AccordionPanel Example

AccordionPanel is a container component that displays content in stacked format. That component has associated with a type of org.primefaces.component.AccordionPanel Java Class. This tutorial …


JSF Custom Error Pages

When you run an application in the development project stage and you encounter an error, you get an error message in an …


JSF + Scala Integration

Scala is a popular programming language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Like Java, it is strongly typed and object-oriented, but it also supports …


JSF + Groovy Integration

Groovy is another popular programming language for the Java Virtual Machine. Groovy is dynamically typed, and groovy code can be more concise than the …


JSF 2 SystemEventListener Example

The System Events are normally specified in the JavaServer Faces Specification 2.2 under “System Events” Subject. This concept expands on the idea …


JSF 2 @FlowScoped Example

With JSF 2.2, the JavaServer Faces technology allows you to create a set of pages with the new scope FlowScoped, that scope …

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