Connect To MySQL With JDBC Driver


Here is an example to connect your JDBC code to MySQl database. You have to download mysql.jar for the JDBC driver class from here.   If you are not copying the mysql.jar file in the classpath, you will get the following error.

How to perform indexing in MySQL?


MySQL Admin Cookbook MySQL is the most popular open-source database and is also known for its easy set up feature. However, proper configuration beyond the default settings is still a challenge, along with some other day-to-day maintenance tasks such as backup and restoring, performance tuning, and server monitoring. This book provides both step-by-step recipes and […]

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Creating your MySQL Database


Creating your MySQL Database MySQL, launched in 1995, has become the most popular open source database system. The popularity of MySQL and phpMyAdmin has allowed many non-IT specialists to build dynamic websites with a MySQL backend. This book is a short but complete guide showing beginners how to design good data structures for MySQL. It […]