PrimeFaces + Spring Data + Neo4j Integration


This tutorial provides example code for integrating PrimeFaces 5, Spring Data and Neo4j technologies.  In our previous tutorials, I have explained about the PrimeFaces and Spring Data integration with other databases MongoDB and Redis. Also read our previous tutorials on installation of Neo4j and Spring Data Neo4j tutorial. I have used PrimeFaces 5 for this example. […]

java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: class org.springframework.core.type.classreading.ClassMetadataReadingVisitor has interface org.springframework.asm.ClassVisitor as super class


Why java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError Exception Thrown? If you are working with Spring MVC and Spring Data Neo4j, then there is greater possibility that you would get the following exception when it comes to run the application using one of the Java EE container like Apache. I’ve used Apache Tomcat 7.35 for deploying a PrimeFaces 5 application with […]

Spring Batch 3.0.0.RC1 Released


Spring Batch is batch processing framework maintained under the spring community. Advantage of using the spring batch is that it has all the advantages of using the spring applications features when integrated inside the spring framework. It is not a scheduler like Quartz, but it makes use of a scheduler and takes care of the […]

PrimeFaces + Spring Data + Redis Integeration


This tutorial guides you through the integration between various frameworks, Primefaces, Spring Data & Redis Key/Value database. We have published tutorials about these topics earlier and you can refer them for the detailed discussion on each topic. This tutorial assumes that reader had enough knowledge on those topics and will be able to integration of these […]

PrimeFaces + Spring Data + MongoDB Integration


This tutorial guides you through the integration of various frameworks like PrimeFaces, Spring Data and MongoDB. In our previous tutorials, we have explained more about the each topics PrimeFaces, Spring Data & MongoDB. Here a simple example for using the Registration form where the details will be finally stored in the MongoDB database. Connect With Us : Google+ […]

Spring MVC + AngularJS Integration


This tutorial illustrates how to use or integrate the Spring MVC and AngularJS together. AngularJS is popular JS framework for building the single page web applications. Also most of the mobile applications and rich user interfaces are using the AngularJS framework. Here we will show how to use this framework in the view layer and […]

Spring MVC Redirect Example


This tutorial explains how to redirect to a new URL inside the Spring MVC controller. There is attribute “redirect” which can be prefixed to the view name to indicate that the new request should be a redirected one. also read: Spring 4 Tutorials Introduction to Spring MVC Framework 1. Spring MVC Controller 2. Views […]

Spring Data REST Exporter


This tutorial provides the detailed instruction on how to use Spring Data REST project in your Spring MVC applications to export your JPA entities. The greatest advantage of using the Spring Data REST is that, it easily exports the entities and made available through the HTTP protocol. Using Spring Data REST repository exporter project, you […]

Spring Roo + Spring Data + MongoDB Repositories Integration


Since Spring Data includes support for MongoDB repositories, we can use MongoDB as a persistence option when using Roo. We just won’t have the option of using the active record style for the persistence layer, we can only use the repositories. Other than this difference, the process is very much the same as for a Spring ROO […]

Spring Roo + Spring Data JPA Repositories + Eclipse Integration


Spring Roo is a rapid application development tool for Java developers. With Roo, you can easily build full Java applications in minutes. This tutorial isn’t intended for providing full coverage for Spring Roo, rather it should spot the focus to provide a good introduction for using Spring Data inside those applications that built with Spring […]