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Struts 2 Action Tag Example

Struts 2 action tag is helpful for executing an action and inserting the result in a particular location of the web page. …


Struts 2 Control Tags

Struts 2 provides list of conditional or control tags which is very useful for controlling the flow of an application. The following …


Struts 2 Merge Tag Example

Struts 2 merge tag is useful for merging the two lists into one object. This is very helpful when you have two …


Struts 2 Iterator Tag Example

Struts 2 iterator tag is useful for iterating a value which of type java.util.Collections or java.util.Iterator. This example demonstrates with a simple …


Struts 2 Exception Configuration

Struts 2 simplifies the way we handle the exceptions. In the earlier version of Struts application, handling exceptions needs lot of work. …


Struts 2 Hello World Example

This tutorials explains how to create a simple struts 2 hello world example and deploy in your server. We are manually creating …

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