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WebServices : REST vs SOAP

The World Wide Web is evolving from a sea of information to a service oriented marketplaces and Web Services are a critical …


RESTful Web Service using Jersey

In this tutorial I am going to explain a very basic example using Jersey REST Services. Building webservices using the REST concept …


Java ME and Web services

Introduction Java Micro Edition (Java ME) is a platform for running applications on smaller devices such as mobile phones, PDAs etc. These …


Apache Axis2 Web Services

SOA, in practicality web services, is becoming the enabler for application integration. Since the introduction of web services, Apache Software Foundation has …


Developing a Web Service with CXF

Apache CXF Web Service Development Apache CXF is an open source services framework that makes web service development easy, simplified, and standard …


RESTful Java Web Services

RESTful Java Web ServicesThis article is sample chapter for the book RESTful Java Web Services. If you’re already familiar with REST theory, …


AXIS 2.0 Architecture

Looking into Axis 2.0What This Book Covers This book is organized in a such a way that it will lead you to …

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