Eclipse Tips : Type Filters in Eclipse

This tutorial explains one of the cool feature in Eclipse, that is Type Filters to filter the suggestions listed as autocomplete for your object. If you type a class name with dot, Eclipse would suggest the list of methods in that class or object reference. Typically it retrieves all the methods from the super classes. If you look at the Object class, we have several methods which are rarely used by the programmers but it is suggested every time. We can filter the types which we don’t want in the suggestion box by adding the package or class name in the Type Filters option in Eclipse.

This tutorial provides crisp instructions to enable that feature. Look at the below screenshots for more details.

Before Type Filters Settings

Before you add the type filters in your eclipse settings, you would get the list of methods as displayed in the below screenshot. If you look at the screenshot, bean reference lists the methods from the Object class.

Type Filters in Eclipse - Before Added Type

Open Type Filters Dialog

Navigate to the below path:

Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Appearance -> Type Filters 

Click the Add or Add Package button to add the classes or package which you don’t want to be appear in the auto completion box.

Type Filters in Eclipse

After Type Filters Settings: If you look at the below screenshot, now the bean reference not displaying any of the methods from the Object class. It would definitely improve the efficiency on programming.

Type Filters in Eclipse - After Added Type

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