WildFly 8 Final is released!

WildFly 8 Application server (formerly known as JBoss Application Server) is available for the general use. JBoss blog has announced this new on Feb 11, 2014. Jason Greene, who is the lead for this project updates the features on this new release and providing the road map for the future releases. One of the key feature in the WildFly is the support for Java EE 7 specification which is the latest Java EE release. Here I summarize the list of features added as part of this release.


  • Java EE 7 Support: With this latest support, all the great technologies supported by Java EE 7 is now available with the WildFly 8. Some of the notable features in the Java EE 7 is batch processing, web socket as part of servlet 3.0 , Concurrency, JMS and improvements in the Dependency Injection (DI). And lot many other infrastructure improvements.
  • Default Web Server Undertow: With this release, WildFly replaces the default web server Tomcat and comes up with its own web server Undertow which is scheduled to release it’s 1.0 version. Currently its in 1.0.0 beta. As noted by them, this web server improves the performance and have great features like the asynchronous procession which is supported in the latest web technologies specification.
  • Reduction in Port Usage: With the help of HTTP upgrade, WildFly could effectively reduce the port to two. It has only management port (9990) and application port (8080). This could be more effective for the cloud providers like OpenShift.
  • Java 8 Support: This release has improved the compatibility with the Java 8 features. If any one wants to use the Java 8 with their project, WildFly 8 will work without any problem. Further releases are planned to update the latest features on Java 8 technology.
  • Other Features: There are many other notable features are added as part of this release. Here I am listing summary of the list.
    • Improvement on Web Services for Apache CXF bus instances, WS-Policy code-first improvements, etc.
    • WildFly 8 includes RESTEasy 3 which supports the standard Java EE REST APIs (JAX-RS 2.0).
    • Hibernate Search is now offered out of the box in WildFly
    • Technologies which are removed from the Java EE 7 also discarded in the release are : CMP, JAX-RPC and JSR 88
    • CDI integration and performance improvements

Here we will update the latest news on WildFly 8 server!. You can download the server here.

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